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Teaching materials

KS3 Classics Club

Discimus – A new online resource full of classroom materials, worksheets and posters for learning Latin, KS3-5

Perseus – A useful study aid for Classical texts. Includes commentaries, translations and a useful dictionary / translation tool

The Latin Library: handouts – A useful and thorough collection of Latin handouts for use in the classroom. Features some course and text-specific materials

John Piazza’s resources for Latin Teachers – very comprehensive, mixing teaching theory, classroom practice and links to a range of interesting and different activities


The Classics Library

The Latin Library – full transcriptions of Latin texts online


Teaching training

The Association for Latin Teaching

The Classical Association Teaching Board run training events throughout the year. See their eventbrite page for current and upcoming training events.


Communities & support

TextKit Greek and Latin forums – Online support for questions, problems and just sharing practice / ideas