Ancient Greek Courses


Mega Greek

Mega Greek is a 10-week course with 3 taster sessions. Like Maximum Classics, Mega Greek is tailored to the creative curriculum. It complements the Ancient Greek component of the National Curriculum for Key Stage 2 and introduces students to learning a new alphabet and code-breaking. Students will build Daedalus’ inventions, learn Plato’s philosophy and spell their favourite mythological characters’ names in the original Greek! This is a fantastic boost to the Ancient History curriculum which teaches language skills and embeds Classics in sport, maths, science and literacy sessions. Discover Greek.

The course includes:

  1. Training funded by CfA
  2. Follow up support
  3. Scheme of work
  4. Lesson plans
  5. Teacher answer booklet
  6. Beautifully illustrated lesson materials





Basil Batrakhos: KS3 Ancient Greek

Basil and his friends think everyone should have the chance to learn Ancient Greek and discover more about the culture that laid the foundations of Western civilisation. That’s why Classics For All commissioned Basil’s story to be written, giving students aged 9-12 an enjoyable, accessible and useful introduction to the language, stories and life of Greece in its classical heyday.

The book is free to download, but if print copies are required, they can be ordered by contacting us here.