Latin Courses


Maximum Classics

Maximum Classics is a custom-made 33-week course for KS2 students that introduces Latin Language and Classical Civilisation through the creative curriculum, using literacy, crafts, science, maths, technology and history to introduce students to the ancient world. Students can expect to write curse tablets, build Roman weaponry and boost their vocabularies without even realising how much Latin they are learning along the way!

The course includes:

  1. Training funded by CfA
  2. Follow up support
  3. Scheme of work
  4. Lesson plans
  5. Teacher answer booklet
  6. Beautifully illustrated lesson materials




Minimus Latin is a two-book course on primary (KS2) Latin that follows Minimus the mouse (mus) through his adventures in Rome. The book introduces Latin through a series of illustrated stories and primes students for KS3 Latin with the Cambridge Latin course.


Cambridge Latin Course

The Cambridge Latin series is an inductive course aimed at Ks3-4, that introduces students to Latin through the story of an everyday Roman family living in Pompeii. The course drips in grammar amongst sections on culture and reiterates key grammar points throughout, minimising the need to design revision lessons and making the course accessible for non specialist teachers.


  1. Free electronic version of the books can be displayed on a smartboard
  2. Free interactive online resourcesthat can be played on a smartboard to build vocab and test students’ knowledge
  3. Free support networkof Amici(friends), an online forum for Latin teachers to share help and advice

Classics for All offer grants for training on the Cambridge Latin course to get you started. Teachers that have never studied languages before are able to offer the course with two training visits and interim support from their local hub. The resources are accessible and engaging, whilst the blend of language and culture fosters an enthusiasm for Classics that students take forward to GCSE. CLC can be used to teach OCR Entry Level, WJEC Level 1-2 and OCR GCSE Latin grammar.