Greek for All

Since its inception in 2015, Manchester Classics for All – with financial support from the national charity Classics for All –  has been introducing Latin to local state primary and secondary schools where the subject had not previously existed. We are currently running Latin classes in fifteen schools in and around Manchester, with a further eight scheduled to begin next year.

Two years into the project, our commitment stands and our vision grows: by giving access to classical languages in primary and secondary schools we aim to inspire a love of the classical world and its cultures among learners at every level, and through the classical languages to enhance young people’s confidence and attainment across the curriculum especially in English language, MFL and science.

At this point, thanks to a new grant made by the A. G. Leventis Foundation to Classics for All, we are extending our provision by offering classes in classical Greek.

We  invite expressions of interest from teachers in secondary schools in the state sector who would like to explore the possibility of making classical Greek available to their pupils. Activities can be tailored to individual schools’ requests, ranging from Year 9 Greek Clubs to GCSE Greek courses. In addition, Manchester Classics for All will be running weekly evening classes in classical Greek.

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of introducing your students to classical Greek, please contact us.